So square bingo balls aren’t real after all?

It’s time to come clean. Square Bingo isn’t launching today, in fact, it isn’t launching at all. Cancel your time off work for your trip to space and put the calculator away for those square numbers.

We’re Lindar Media, operators of Circus Bingo, and to make up for the disappointment of not being able to play the Trafalgar Square slots we’ve made the square mouse cursor live for you to play with!

Are you an affiliate who was fooled?

We’re sorry. Unfortunately Square Bingo and Shapesoft aren’t real this time, but rest assured, we do have some very exciting news for you in the coming months. We’ll also be publishing a full explanation of why we created Square Bingo later in April. Until then, please contact if you have any questions or would like high-resolution copies of any of the assets.

Thank you.

Square Bingo Balls

Introducing the WORLD’S FIRST square bingo balls! More compact, cheaper to store and taking up less space in our lobby, our square bingo balls feature in every game on the site. They’re unable to roll off tables and litter the floor.

Square Root Bonus System

It’s not just our balls that are square. Simply make a deposit on the site-values equal to square numbers only –and we’ll top it up with a bonus equivalent to the square root. For example, deposit £16 and we’ll give you a £4 bonus.

Square Daubers

Creating a sustainable, environmentally friendly website was big deal for us. That’s why we invented the Square Dauber. These Square Daubers are scientifically proven to produce less waste on bingo cards by using the entire numbered Square.

Spin the Square

We love Spin the Wheel promotions on other bingo sites, but we’ve created something even better. With our free Spin the Square mini-game, you have the chance to win up to £1 million before you’ve even registered.

Proudly Partnered With Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square is arguably the most famous square in the world (sorry, SpongeBob); we’re the most famous square bingo site in the world. It’s an obvious match.

Square Bingo features officially licensed Trafalgar Square bingo and slot games, allowing you to enjoy Nelson’s Column from the comfort of your own home.

Other Features

We could spend all day talking about the full amazing range of features and games at Square Bingo, but the site launches at 12 and we have things to do. In the meantime, here’s three more to whet your appetite.

VIP (Very Important Parallelogram) Programme
Loaded with special rewards and bonus tiers for the most dedicated Square Bingo players.

We’ve added a new dimension to your favourite casino games, all made possible by Shapesoft.

Square Mouse Cursors
We spent ages developing a new mouse cursor and then it just clicked –we’ll make it square!